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Image How to Move On in 30 Days

How to Move On in 30 Days

Release Date 2022-06-24
Runtime 15 minutes
Genres Comedy
Stars Maris Racal, Carlo Aquino, Albie Casiño, Jai Agpangan, Sachzna Laparan
Directors Benedict Mique, Nathan Arciaga, Roderick Lindayag

1. Episode 1


Jenny , a hardworking digital talent handler devotes all of her time and energy to her influencer boyfriend, Jake. She soon gets the shock of her life when she finds out that Jake, her boyfriend of seven years, has been cheating on her.

2. Break App


Jen was devastated after she caught Jake and Anastacia in the act. Her friends Anton and Sara suggest moving on and to download The Break App. However, Jen opts to talk to Jake for closure. But to her surprise, Jake has broken up with her.

3. Let Go


After Jake breaks up with Jen, she finally gives in after much pleadings from her friends and registers to Break App. As per Break App's advice, Jen burns Jake's gifts and stuff including his old motorbike which results in a hilarious disaster.

4. Encounter


Jen transfers to Anton and Sara's condo when she gets kicked out of her apartment after the motorbike blows up and burns her landlady's beloved plants. Drunk Jen confronts Jake and Anastacia in a chance meeting at a bar. Jen storms out and is almost hit by a car driven by a guy named Franco.

5. Winarak Girl


Franco helps the unconscious Jen to go home. Smitten by Franco's looks and kindness, Anton and Sara tracks down him and discover that he moonlights as a Boyfriend for Hire. While video of Jen confronting Jake and Anastacia goes viral. She later admits she is Winarak Girl.

6. BF For Hire


Jen frequents the gym as advised by the Break App and she runs into Franco. They go out on a date, until she realizes that things between her and Carlo are not as serendipitous as they seem.

7. Steal


Jen and Jake's breakup leads to a bitter custody battle - who will take care of their baby Dumpling?

8. New Guy


Jen goes on a series of failed dates. Jen thinks all is lost until she meets a charming guy, Jeremiah.

9. Identity


Jen learns the true identity of Jeremiah. Meanwhile, Lola Chedeng, Jen's grandmother, figures into an accident.

10. La Union


Jen goes home to La Union for Lola Chedeng, and finds that Lola Chedeng and Franco know each other. Meanwhile, Jake and Anastacia get a project in La Union. Out of desperation, Jen asks Franco an important question.

11. Civil


Franco says no to Jen's offer. To make things worse, Jen has to work with Jake and Anastacia again.

12. Fake BF


Franco finally gives in to Jen's wishes and becomes her fake boyfriend. Lola Chedeng exacts revenge to Jake.

13. Offer


Jen learns about Franco's dream of owning a surf shop. Jen tasks Franco to be Jake and Anastacia's surf instructor for a vlog.

14. Visit


Jake visits his parent's house in La Union and introduces Anastacia to her family. He reveals that he has plans life-changing plans for Anastacia.

15. Proposal


Jen learns that Jake is proposing to Anastasia, and worse, she's tasked to stage the entire thing. She hires Franco to work on a checklist for the proposal.

16. Assignment


Due to the success of Jake's proposal to Anastacia, Sir Elly assigns Jen to more on-ground activations with them. Jen reaches her breaking point.

17. Decision


Jen can no longer work with her ex and Anastacia. On their way back to Manila, Jen finally decides to quit her job as their handler.

18. New Project


Jen refuses to work with Jake and files for indefinite leave at Digital Starz. She plans to renovate Lola Chedeng's place to attract younger customers.

19. Renovation


With Franco's help, Jen prepares for Lola Chedeng's house makeover. But on the day of the renovation, Lola Chedeng suddenly backs out.

20. Patience


Digital Starz experiences production mishaps due to Jen's absence. Jen continues to persuade Lola Chedeng regarding the makeover to no avail.

21. Agree


Jen finally convinces Lola Chedeng to agree to the renovations, as Carla toys with the idea of ending her contract so she can be with her family again.

22. Trending


Jen trends on social media when caught on video leaving Franco's house after an all-night drinking celebration.

23. Admit


Jen and Franco are in damage control mode, and are forced to 'admit' to Lola Chedeng that they're in a relationship.

24. Past


Jen 'meets' an important person from Franco's past.

25. Rosemarie


Franco tells Jen all about Rosemarie, his ex-fiance.

26. Episode 26


Jake and Anastacia start falling out because of work and Jen.

27. Break Up


28. Competition


Jake discovers Franco works as a Boyfriend for Hire. Jake and Franco help clean Lola Chedeng's place to impress Jen.

29. Second Chance


Jen gives Jake a second chance. Only to be disappointed again.

30. Friendship


Jen helps Franco to find an investor for his dream surf shop.

31. Bonding


After being scammed by his boyfriend, Anton joins Digital Starz to earn more money. Jen improves Franco's presentation and joins him on the pitch.

32. It's a Yes


Jen and Franco get a yes from the investor. Jen settles in at La Union and retrieves all her belongings from Manila.

33. Feelings


Franco admits to Jim that he has feelings for Jen. Jen discovers Anton has joined Digital Starz.

34. Confession


Franco confesses his feelings to Jen, but Jen is not ready to be in a relationship yet.

35. Stay Away


Carla arrives and tells Jen to stay away from Franco. She knows he's a Boyfriend for Hire.

36. Reason


Carla tells Jen why she ended up hiring Franco’s boyfriend services before.

37. Trust


Jake makes an effort to win Jen's trust. He returns to La Union and saves her from drunk foreigners.

38. Worried


Franco sees Jake and Jen’s viral photo. He worries that Jen is falling again for Jake.

39. Defend


Jake and Jen’s viral photo gains negative comments. Jen realizes that this is Jake’s intention. Franco defends Jen from bashers.

40. Identity


41. Honesty


Jake tells Jen that Franco knows something about his father. Jen confronts Franco, and demands answers from Carla about her father's identity.

42. Run Away


Jen runs away from home and stays with Sara and Anton in Manila. Franco learns about this and decides to follow Jen.

43. Start up


Jen emails her resignation letter to Sir Elly. She plans to start her own agency and to get Anton as her first talent.

44. Bashers


Jen gains bashers during the launch of her agency, The Emotikon Hub. Simultaneously, Sir Elly holds a presscon that earns the sympathy of netizens against Jen's resignation from Digital Starz.

45. Saving Jen


Franco rescues Jen yet again as he saves drunk Jen in a bar. He promises to look for her father.

46. Reunited


Franco continues his search for Jen's father. Jen makes a vlog about being truthful.

47. Truth


Jen's recent vlog becomes a success. Carla contemplates admitting the truth about Jen's father.

48. Clue


Franco discovers clues about Jen's father. Carla finally tells Jen her father's true identity.

49. Episode 49


Jen and Franco go on a journey to find Jen's father but things will not be easy as it seems.

50. Sabotage


Jake sabotages Digital Starz's chance of getting a promising new content creator.

51. Join Forces


Jen asks Jake to join her agency, Emotikon Hub, after being fired by Sir Elly. Franco finds a new lead on Jen's father's whereabouts.

52. Plan


Jen and Franco talk to a lady who used to work with Jen's father. Meanwhile, Sir Elly and Anastacia cook up a plan to bring Jake down.

53. Intentions


Jen, Franco, Carla, and Lola Chedeng go to a picnic. In a heart-to-heart talk, Franco tells Carla and Lola Chedeng his intentions for Jen.

54. Ugly Past


Jen and Jake make a vlog together after a long while as Jake's 'ugly past' comes back to haunt him.

55. Viral


Jake's old photos go viral. Jen helps Jake to overcome his bashers. Franco becomes jealous as Jen and Jake grow closer.

56. Forgiveness


Anastacia asks for forgiveness from Jake but he no longer cares for her. Jen makes an alibi when the priest wonders why she has a copy of his old photo.

57. Beg


Jen tells Carla that she has already seen her father. Carla begs not to communicate with him and not to mess around anymore.

58. Reunion


Jen brings Carla to a mini-bazaar in Manila to buy pre-loved items for her online business. Carla accidentally meets Jen’s father.

59. Celebration


Jen and her team celebrate as Emotikon Hub reaches 1M Youtube subscribers.

60. The Closure Finale


Franco and Jen are back together. He finally proposes to Jen.